Roberto Butta was born in Bellano on 16/02/1961 and for this reason he can be defined as a true Lariano” artist. Self-taught and absolutely free from any techniques or tendencies that could be imposed by a school, he  demonstrates that he is a creative and eclectic artist. His determination which has always distinguished him, has carried him on his artistic journey and has led to him being appreciated also outside Italy. He has a wide and varied style: landscapes, figures, still life and his night time, landscapes are full of expressivity. His work is full of light, shadows and magical reflection and comes alive with his use of oil, which gives his work so much expression, captures the intensity of his sentiments and awakens new emotions.

” One can be good to paint a tree, a mountain, a landscape or anything else: one can reach the perfection, let them seem like if they were true, but this only means that you are good to paint and nothing else. The painting, my painting is something different, it is a life style, it is a never ending internal research, it is looking inside and let coming out on the canvas the intensity of the emotions and feelings which the others can not see and understand: my painting is the expression of the soul, through a technical move, which is able to follow and see the tones of an enchanted lake or the nuances of a white snow night.  Every day I hardly work to let all this happening with the final goal to fulfil painting which can describe the real satisfaction coming from the awareness to have transmitted emotions.”

Roberto Butta